Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interchangeable Hoops

Hello Jewelry Lovers!!! Wanted to post a new addition to my forged sterling silver hoops.

As I journey into my jewelry career I want to create more pieces that are interchangeable.

Why? Functional art makes sense:) I now offer a line of

handmade interchangeable components.

Ah! Yes, the square - or not quite. Maybe more like a distorted square. A design that Salvador Dali would appreciate:)

Semi-precious dangles in a variety of stones. Add one, two or three dangles to create a different look every time!!!

Free, organic and unique!

Of course there are many custom options available too! Best of all my hoop earrings are so light weight to wear! Check out my Etsy site for upcoming listings. Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Life's Better At The Beach"

To all my Artsy Fartsy followers......HELLO AGAIN! Wanted to share my latest designs to my 2010 Bangle collection. I have added some new "Sunshiny" charms to brighten your soul...........My "Beach" series will offer a variety of options, here's a few to wet your taste buds!!!

This was created for my wonderful friend who now resides in South Carolina. She received the first one:) I went to visit her last month and fell in love with the area!!! So inspiring and full of ART! ART! ART! I will share another post on all the highlights of my trip!

Of course I had to create "PeAce - LoVe & ArT"....................Look for more designs soon!!!

All designs: copyright, 2011, stefaniebuysse

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Etched in Metal ideas.................

My original plan for the metal boards was the use of a "Message Central" you know where we all go for the answers to our BUSY DAY day:) Once I sold the first few message size boards, my mom gave me the idea of creating a photo size frame with the use of the magnets!!!!! Since I usually listened to my mother..... I took her advice and.............

........................ SCORE!!!!

It was a BIG hit!!!

..................the 8 x 10 "Etches in Metal" photo frame was born (2006)

They come with 4 handmade copper magnets to display your photo. Each one is a work of NAture:) Oh.......... & yes, those are my "3" little stinkers:)

Exploring the possibilites of the metal brought me to this latest edition - personalized wall decor! ..........we all love these! So why not display them in an "ArtsY" way? Throw out the norm ------- go for something COOL * eARTHY * uNIque!!!!

You can find my original work at: Art and Elements on facebook & on stefanie buysse on Etsy & for you locals at my studio: Interior Elements & Design, 422 w. 7th street:)

copyright, 2005, stefanie buysse

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

By the Lakeshore.......................

The lake has always been a place that I enjoy retreating to - of course to soak up some sun & enjoy some cocktails with my honey but also to relax or reflect on all the important things in my children, family & health.....but have you ever spent the time strolling along the shore collecting all of Nature's Treasurers? For over the last ten years my husband, kids & I have been doing just that.
What a thrill to find a fossil, beautiful shell or interesting rock, a silky smooth driftwood that has come so far to end up on the beach in its ever beautiful organic-ness!! Oh, and the ever elusive seaglass, oh! me! oh! my! What a hightlight that is!!!! I even get excited finding an action figure!!! I really could keep going but I won't bore you. The following photo's I am sharing are images of a few of the works of art that I have created at my studio.

A wonderful customer brought me this bag of driftwood last November. How exciting!!!

Now the really special treasures end up in the "gold box"...............

My photo frames are a favorite at the studio. I offer 4x6 & 5x7 openings.
This mirror is actually hanging in my bathroom at the studio. This one is mine:)

(Detail of mirror) Have you ever found a rock that looks like a heart? I will share my collection on a later post.

I made this jewelry stand from driftwood for my booth display at artbeat 2010. Much of my jewelry line is very organic and earthy so the driftwood was a perfect partner to my artwork. Maybe I could sell them too?

I absolutely love the dark grey lake rocks. They are lovely to the touch and so organic in shape. I created the piece above out or sterling silver with these rocks in mind. I still haven't decided what to do with it - maybe a pendant or bracelet embellishment? I will keep you posted:)

I thought I would showcase a collection of all the rings that I have made over the last few years. I love rings...........they happen to be one of my weaknesses:) But to make them is a pain in the @#$!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Handmade Stamped Jewelry

A collection of my handstamped initials/numbers, miscellaneous charms & inspirational words that I have been creating in my studio since 2006. I currently opened an etsy site and will have them listed soon!

Here they are...........

Copper Washers stretched into beautiful earrings:) Love to work that metal!!

The fine silver dangles & charms are hand made and finished off with copper wire. All held together by hand made sterling hooks.