Wednesday, February 23, 2011

By the Lakeshore.......................

The lake has always been a place that I enjoy retreating to - of course to soak up some sun & enjoy some cocktails with my honey but also to relax or reflect on all the important things in my children, family & health.....but have you ever spent the time strolling along the shore collecting all of Nature's Treasurers? For over the last ten years my husband, kids & I have been doing just that.
What a thrill to find a fossil, beautiful shell or interesting rock, a silky smooth driftwood that has come so far to end up on the beach in its ever beautiful organic-ness!! Oh, and the ever elusive seaglass, oh! me! oh! my! What a hightlight that is!!!! I even get excited finding an action figure!!! I really could keep going but I won't bore you. The following photo's I am sharing are images of a few of the works of art that I have created at my studio.

A wonderful customer brought me this bag of driftwood last November. How exciting!!!

Now the really special treasures end up in the "gold box"...............

My photo frames are a favorite at the studio. I offer 4x6 & 5x7 openings.
This mirror is actually hanging in my bathroom at the studio. This one is mine:)

(Detail of mirror) Have you ever found a rock that looks like a heart? I will share my collection on a later post.

I made this jewelry stand from driftwood for my booth display at artbeat 2010. Much of my jewelry line is very organic and earthy so the driftwood was a perfect partner to my artwork. Maybe I could sell them too?

I absolutely love the dark grey lake rocks. They are lovely to the touch and so organic in shape. I created the piece above out or sterling silver with these rocks in mind. I still haven't decided what to do with it - maybe a pendant or bracelet embellishment? I will keep you posted:)

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  1. Lovely post Love all the rocks and driftwood, I feel the same way everytime I find a piece of seaglass, a fossil or a piece of driftwood. I get so excited when I find one of natures little gems!